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Information!Tickets can be purchased on the day at the entrance. There are online discounts when you pre-book 24 hours before arrival. The Lost World Playbarn requires you to wear (minimum) a sleeved t-shirt (no vest tops), knee length shorts and a pair of socks to ride the slides. Please read the 'What's Open' page for more details about what is available when you visit!

Outdoor Owl Display

At the Outdoor Flying Arena (weather permitting)

Outdoor Owl Display

At the Outdoor Flying Arena (weather permitting)

The Outdoor Owl Show offers a unique experience to see these beautiful owls as they fly.

You will get a good look at the owls as our handlers talk to you about some of the individual features of the different species we have here at the sanctuary.

Weather permitting - The show takes place at the Outdoor Flying Arena which is located behind the Jumping Pillows and it runs for approximately 20 minutes.

Please note that all children must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult and they must not enter the flying zone.

Close Encounters with the Owls

On occasion, if the group is small enough or you are visiting us in the off-peak season you may be chosen to stroke or even hold one of the owls. This decision will be entirely down to the handlers as they are aware of the mood and state of the owls at the time. If you are lucky enough to touch an owl, please make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards at one of our hand washing facilities.

Learning Experience

When you come to one of our shows you will have the opportunity to learn about the owls that live in our sanctuary. Our handlers will talk about the traits and techniques of each species, as well as some of the characters of these birds that they know so well.

Whilst watching the display please make sure you are adhering to the social distancing rules set out in the governments guidelines

  • Only the elderly and persons with disabilities should use the seats
  • Keep back from the barrier

The highlight of our day was the owl flying display. The team (Mark, Ben James and Sophie) working with the owls were very knowledgable and gave a good presentation.

Jenny - 35yrs

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Outdoor Owl Display Rules

Upon entering the Flying Field, you accept the following risks and will adhere to the rules listed below

  • No food or drink can be consumed in this area.
  • Remain as calm and as quiet as possible throughout the display.
  • Do not climb under/over the barriers.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is on silent or switched off.
  • Remain seated the whole time.
  • Do not attempt to touch any of the animals.
  • Wash your hands after the show at the nearest hand washing station if you have touched any of the animals.
  • The show will contain flying birds. If you have any phobias that may affect you, please be aware.
  • The staff at Knockhatch Adventure Park reserve the right to refuse admission if they see fit to do so and stop the show at any time for any reason.
  • Knockhatch Adventure Park reserves the right to close an amenity, toilet, ride, kiosk, animal enclosure or show without prior notice for the purposes of maintenance or staff training. Refunds will not be given in these circumstances.