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Information!Tickets can be purchased on the day at the entrance. There are online discounts when you pre-book 24 hours before arrival. The Lost World Playbarn requires you to wear (minimum) a sleeved t-shirt (no vest tops), knee length shorts and a pair of socks to ride the slides. Please read the 'What's Open' page for more details about what is available when you visit!

Health & Safety on the Farm

Health & Safety on the Farm


What is it all about?

Zoonoses are diseases/infections that can naturally be transmitted from animals to humans Ecoli 0157, Avian Shenza, Orf etc... these can cause serious, even life threatening illnesses. All the animals at Knockhatch are tested for known disease on a regular basis by our vet.


1. Wash your hands

After touching any of the animals or their fences always wash your hands. Make sure that you wash your hands before you eat or put your fingers in your mouth. Do not put anything in your mouth if it has touched the fence or been dropped on the ground. We have hand washing stations around the farm and the best way to clean your hands is with water and soap.

2. Pregnant Women

We strongly advised that you don’t touch any of the animals.

3. Do not eat the farm food

Please only feed the farm animals with the food purchased. The food can be purchased from the Gift Shop.

4. Food and Drink

Don’t eat, drink, smoke, including e-cigarettes, when in the animal areas.

5. First Aid

If you have any open wounds, cuts or grazes it is important to keep them covered to prevent infection. The first aid point is in the Gift Shop.

Please tell people how many hand washing stations you have, because you have loads !! It's really impressive.


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